Hospitality tradition

 <<<<  日本を想う展 (Exhibition think Japan) >>>>

Support: Ogaki City Board of Education

Sorry I made you wait !!
Group exhibition of the members everyone of Kamiko art group will finally realize !!
Any work, great things, richly exhibition each personality.
Cherish the tradition, the mind think of Japan, please have a look.
On the day, we are waiting at the venue. . .

Following the "exhibition wears a paper" in the last year in the backing, this year is blessed with talent certain members of many, such as those who will be exhibited the direction and the new work that has been newly acquired the pen name also Kamiko art members, "Exhibition think  Japan "and has led to the holding.
The exhibition is as long as four days, including the Labor Thanksgiving Day! On this occasion, by all means, please enjoy a number of works that can not be seen rarely in the day-to-day.



There is also parking at the venue, so please do not worry.
There is a 16:00 only the last day, please note.