Japanese paper picture Artist, Yoko Hibino handmade

introduction of the ultra-luxury "envelopes" and "Poti bags".

Using pure Japanese paper of Japan unique!
It is very popular in overseas.
Handmade all works Yoko Hibino!
It is the work of a valuable one point thing.

The best gift for loved ones such as the celebration! Remaining in deep impression on those who have been awarded, and to those not forever forget the excitement!

This is relatively easily with the type.
Simple but is a sense shines work of those who are also awarded to the dignity of the finest Japanese paper.

Even in simple shades are hidden artist own cute sense.

Ultra-luxury paper bag for putting a present in, Poti bag! Heart Come, I want to put the best feelings to the bag to give!

Tear picture is handmade of the finest artist "paper bag for putting a present in". All is the "work" the point of a. Your thoughts are transmitted always!