[Prestigious Sato  Koseki] Sato Koseki group

Sato Koseki Biography

● Born in 1923, Saitama Prefecture Yorii. Real name, Yoshie.

● 1970 Japanese paper dyed in eye-opening, driven into the earnest of the Japanese paper picture research.

● open the 1973 - 74 years exhibition.
● through NHK General TV, commercial television, newspapers, women's magazines such as mass media,
It will be introduced across the country.
● in Yoyogi, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo in 1976, established the Sato Koseki Japanese paper picture Study Group headquarters.
● won the Grand Prize In the year 1978, 87 national handicraft art exhibition.
● 1986 years Japan washi artist Association founders. The association executive director appointed.
● In the five times Exhibition 1991 the association, he won the Minister of Education Award.
● Degrees of "Art Doctor" from the United States Pacific Western universe University.
● 1993 years Japan Japanese paper painting Art Association Chairman appointed.
● 1999 years the Commissioner of the Agency for Cultural Affairs, monkey commendation by the achievements of Japanese paper picture painting from Mr. Hideki Murata.


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