Worm-eaten, book with advanced tear, you can scroll firmly Repair! !

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Inherited from ancestors important scroll, an important book of tear over, such as the violent ones of worm-eaten, firmly repair, or does not carefully preserved?

In Kamiko art, intense book of worm-eaten and tear, such as  scroll, from lining, firm repaired, and you put in a box of paulownia wood of dedicated, even die is changed, like you can patronize long, wholeheartedly, we will repair.The repair, professional technicians will be beautifully reproduced by the cultivated repair technology for each number of projects.


When custody is worm-eaten and torn many, in this state it had come to the point where it is difficult to save.

Redo the backing, reborn to a firm scroll.

Is at hand to put us in the paulownia box of dedicated, you can keep it in a safe place, even for decades like, are beautifully restored.


Decades the important things that were not attached the hand, firmly repair, also be inherited to the next generation, it is important.


Come, please consult on this occasion.


Repair important things that was completed, Yoko Hibino is will firmly inspection.

"Thing that has become far repair is impossible be?"


Come The person who worries with, please contact us.


Surely, you can your satisfaction! !

And it requires specialized technology to repair.

Even one box of paulownia wood in Kamiko art, we will make you also fit tightly width in professional technology.


Beautiful reborn hanging scroll, a new breath is blown, will keep you active than ever. . .



Kamiko art such a help is, politely yet in a relatively short your time, and repair.



The real thing, a real art, this one by one important, we will carefully repair.


Inspection also performed until firm details.

Also how much good thing, is not in the middle of care, a long time, moisture and moth also, do not stop.
Please leave the help of important your work of those who have passed on to definitive skilled in the art of security.



                           Kamiko art  Yoko Hibino

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